Hermes Stores in Guangzhou

The Hermes store located on the first floor of Libo Plaza in Guangzhou, the expanded area is ​​162 square meters, and designed by RDAI architectural design firm that is responsible for the  Hermes store design in the world. The entire space of the store is divided into three distinct regions: the first area displays jewelry, perfumes and fine silks, filled with a warm atmosphere; the second zone is separated by mosaics, bright and spacious square; the third area is the area left for men and women, it is decorated with cherry wood and decorated with Fubao Avenue series, No. 26/28 leather chairs, low-key and private.

According to reports, sales of watches in Hermes store in Guangzhou ranked first in the country, many of the world’s limited edition watches are all ordered in Guangzhou stores. After the expansion of the store, not only comfortable display and service area for watch is available, and also introduces a special world’s only worth 1.52 million yuan of Arceau watch. From opening day, a number of VIP packages bring the classic Perkin, Kelly bag, etc. to come to join, also proving the extraordinary appeal of the brand.

Hermes North Asia Managing Director Florian CRAEN, said: “Hermes has been in Guangzhou for seven years, we and the city are more and more fit, making us more confidence in the Guangzhou market.” And Hermes president of China Wing Fat Ray also revealed that Hermes will open the second store in Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou at the second half of the year. It is understood that the size of Taikoo Hui store will be larger than the one in Libo Plaza, and will first introduce Hermes furniture.

Hermes Festival des Metier Art Exhibition Tour

Hermes Festival des Metier is a worldwide activity. Hermes workshop of craftsmen tour around the world, showing a rare craftsmanship: sewing bags, printed scarves, hand-painted patterns and so on. Festival des Metier now comes to Asia, 2011 September 30 to October 5 at Gold Elements in Hong Kong District.

Hermes Festival des Metier touring art exhibition began in Paris, via Brussels,Prague,New York,Chicago
and other European cities. The arts and crafts workshop people from Hermes, in a live demonstration carving thread, adjust the image, cutting, stitching, sewing into small beads, seal, polish, curling and other hand-craft.Milanwell-known interior designer Paola Navone is also invited to design for Hermes Festival des Metier stylish showroom.

Hermes Kelly bag unique style “saddle stitch” and other techniques convey a serious attitude of Hermes craftsmen; and Hermes scarves only a hand-painted silk screen printing process you need to scan 12–37 pigment, so that we breath. Hermes scarf to draw a general need to spend 500-600 hours, if draw a more complex pattern, it will cost 2200 hours. Hermes scarves have a total of 75,000 kinds of colors, and training a qualified printing craftsman even takes five years!

Hermes Perfume Makes You Feel Fresh

Terre d’ Hermes perfume learns the good things from the vast land of the earth, wind, sun, dew, fruit, floral and fruity – a unique combination of flavor. Terre d ‘Hermes fragrance contains all of the seven components of the essence from the plant and mineral composition of 60% of his cedar when the main structure, but also wants to have fresh and bright vitality that the citruses on the market don’t show .

Perfume raw materials are completely natural material, grapefruit, pepper and pink pepper and lively aroma, in the noble perseverance of geranium and cedar flavor, creating a safe movement.

Hermes Racobar perfume, has a smell of wood-based, contains long-lasting feeling of quiet. Wood flavor and pleasant fragrance give you unique charm.

Voyage d ‘Hermes perfume is created by Jean-Claude Ellena. He uses the abstruse abstraction of “travel” unprecedentedly, and brings us a coarse accent aloof aroma – angelica, juniper berries brings a beginning faculty of cool, and cedar, sandalwood, white musk add a feeling of warmth.